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The Art of Pontoon
Since 1972, Avalon has been committed to building the highest quality luxury pontoon boats, all manufactured right here in the USA. Specializing in luxury, high-performance boats offered at an exceptional value. Highlighting their commitment to quality, all Avalon pontoons come with a lifetime structural warranty alongside our comprehensive 10-year warranty.  MasterCraft Colorado is Avalons newest full line dealer. Come down and learn more about the entire Avalon line-up at MasterCraft Colorado. High-performance twin-engine models, luxurious cruising models, affordable family models, fishing models, and even luxury compact models! Our first priority is creating the best built, best looking, and best performing pontoon boats. We include the high-quality features that most others don’t offer or even have. You can confidently choose from our three different levels of quality built Pontoon boats that, starting with our 2020 models, include a 10-year bow to stern warranty and lifetime structural warranty! We have an exciting lineup of lavish pontoon models ready for the 2020 seaso [...]

Looking for more room and more thrills? Meet the latest addition to the MasterCraft lineup, the NXT24. With room for 16, the NXT24 is built for those who want a massive 24 feet of lake-lounging luxury. Surf, rip and repeat with the award-winning GEN2 Surf System and dock like a pro with the available DockStar Handling package. Bring the party, turn heads, and rule the water in the NXT24, MasterCraft’s latest way to live large.



5,000 lbs


More and more families are opting to go outdoors due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and this has created an unprecedented demand for pre-owned boats as families looking to spend more time with their family at the lake. This presents you with a unique window to get top trade-in value on your current boat by trading it in on a custom order that you and your family can design and equip as you want. Given historically low inventory across the nation, you can opt now for a new custom order to be delivered during the offseason while you continue to use your boat for the remainder of this season.

Pick Your Boat

Design Your Boat

Your Boat Is Built

Enjoy Your Boat

Don't know where to start?  No problem one of our Client Advisors can help you get the perfect boat for your needs, the way you want it with all the options you need. Just call or come and  we wil [...]
If you are new to boating or even just a little out of practice certain aspects of boating can be a little daunting.  Check out the videos below.  These videos cover some of the basics to help you learn how to do things the right way.  The topics covered in the video below will help you learn the best way to do things like towing and launching your boat.Are you ready to answer Summers Call! This is the time to get the boat at a great price before summer comes.  If you would like more information or even a demo please call one of our dealerships or fill out the form to the right. You can call or text our dealerships at 303.429.1985
Seasonal and Year-Round Storage We are now offering Seasonal and year-round indoor storage. See below for pricing and availability.For more information fill out the form below, or Call or text us at 303.429.1895

Year Round Indoor Storage All inboards 25ft or less $265 per month

Year-Round Indoor Storage All inboards 25ft or less $305 per month

Any winter inboard outdoor storage customer must winterize & shrink wrap with MasterCraft Colorado. Any other boat type (I/O, fishing, outboard, etc) storing outdoors with MasterCraft Colorado must absolve MasterCraft Colorado of winterization responsibility and allow MasterCraft Colorado to shrink wrap boat.
Winterization and fall services might be the most critical to ensure a successful boating season. Decades of experience have perfected our fall service strategy to not only winterize your boat correctly but also thoroughly inspect your boat to prevent unexpected issues. When your boat is scheduled for fall service at MasterCraft Colorado, you can expect only the best for your boat. We offer all of the services that will help protect your investment now, for a worry-free season next year. Winterization service, storage, and shrink wrapping will help shield your boat through Colorado winters. Winter is also a great time to add those fun upgrades to customize your boat. MasterCraft Colorado delivers first class service you would expect from the Top Servicing Dealer 2018 – North America. SCHEDULE YOUR FALL SERVICE TODAY



EASY DOES IT DOCKSTAR DELIVERS REVOLUTIONARY STEERING CONTROL The best on the water just got even better. MasterCraft’s new DockStar Handling System gives drivers of any ability a boost of confidence by making tight spots like docks and marinas easier to navigate. DockStar’s breakthrough design delivers the ultimate control with a system of additional rudders that deflect prop wash beneath the boat. The result is precise steering while reversing—in both port and starboard directions. Drivers familiar with the handling of a sterndrive or outboard boat will marvel that an inboard is this capable and easy. Plus, towsports including surfing, wakeboarding and skiing aren't affected by these rudders. This patent-pending innovation is exclusive to MasterCraft towboats and is available on most 2017 models. HOW DOES IT WORK? WHY DOCKSTAR? Inboard owners have long known the learning curve with driving and docking their boat. The rudder system underneath even the top of the line boats required some time to master its unique handling characterist [...]
ZONE 1 START HERE Build your confidence and hone your skills in Zone 1 with a powerful, stable wave that's great for learning to surf, recovering or riding out some chop.


ZONE 2 STEP IT UP Zone 2 has a strong push and a more defined lip edge so you can charge hard and get some air.


ZONE 3 GET AGGRESSIVE Take it next level in Zone 3, providing the most vertical lip and steepest face to drop in and accelerate.


ZONE 4 BONUS ROUND We see you way back there. Exclusively on the X23, you can spread it out in Zone 4 with room to roam, recover or surf bigger boards.


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