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Winterization and fall services might be the most critical to ensure a successful boating season. Decades of experience have perfected our fall service strategy to not only winterize your boat correctly but also thoroughly inspect your boat to prevent unexpected issues. When your boat is scheduled for fall service at MasterCraft Colorado, you can expect only the best for your boat. We offer all of the services that will help protect your investment now, for a worry-free season next year. Winterization service, storage, and shrink wrapping will help shield your boat through Colorado winters. Winter is also a great time to add those fun upgrades to customize your boat. MasterCraft Colorado delivers first class service you would expect from the Top Servicing Dealer 2018 – North America. SCHEDULE YOUR FALL SERVICE TODAY



EASY DOES IT DOCKSTAR DELIVERS REVOLUTIONARY STEERING CONTROL The best on the water just got even better. MasterCraft’s new DockStar Handling System gives drivers of any ability a boost of confidence by making tight spots like docks and marinas easier to navigate. DockStar’s breakthrough design delivers the ultimate control with a system of additional rudders that deflect prop wash beneath the boat. The result is precise steering while reversing—in both port and starboard directions. Drivers familiar with the handling of a sterndrive or outboard boat will marvel that an inboard is this capable and easy. Plus, towsports including surfing, wakeboarding and skiing aren't affected by these rudders. This patent-pending innovation is exclusive to MasterCraft towboats and is available on most 2017 models. HOW DOES IT WORK? WHY DOCKSTAR? Inboard owners have long known the learning curve with driving and docking their boat. The rudder system underneath even the top of the line boats required some time to master its unique handling characterist [...]
ZONE 1 START HERE Build your confidence and hone your skills in Zone 1 with a powerful, stable wave that's great for learning to surf, recovering or riding out some chop.


ZONE 2 STEP IT UP Zone 2 has a strong push and a more defined lip edge so you can charge hard and get some air.


ZONE 3 GET AGGRESSIVE Take it next level in Zone 3, providing the most vertical lip and steepest face to drop in and accelerate.


ZONE 4 BONUS ROUND We see you way back there. Exclusively on the X23, you can spread it out in Zone 4 with room to roam, recover or surf bigger boards.


Save up to 30%* off MSRP on a new Mastercraft, Now through November 30, 2018 Whether you’re upgrading or taking the plunge for the first time, we have the verdict and the time is now. Like, right now. Primetime for on-water fun comes sooner than you think and there are six huge reasons to get out ahead of it and get your next boat now. Industry insiders buy now. Seasoned, long-time owners buy now. You should too. Here’s why now is hands down the best time of the year to get yours:

Save Up to 20%* Off MSRP On 2019 Custom Order MasterCraft Boats

Summer feels like a long way out but now is the time to open the throttle and get started on it. The fall—right now through November 18—is when smart boat buyers make their purchase. Whether you drop into your dealer and choose from their selection of new 2019 models or you custom order your MasterCraft now, there are some huge reasons why you’re ahead of the game. First, you lock in your price before boats become hotter commodities and inventories shrink in the spring and summer time. Second, you have the chance to customize. Choose the colors and options you want across our entire NXT and XT Series to make sure your dream boat is everything you dreamed about. Third—and this one is huge—this is the only time of the year we offer our Buyback Guarantee. That’s right, if you choose any of our boats with the Surf Package, have peace of mind knowing that if somehow you don’t love it before June 30th, 2019, we’ll buy it back for the full price, no questions asked. Add it up and there’s no question. Right now is the time to get your dream boat and set up your summer to be the be [...]


All Waves, All Ways!

The all-new MasterCraft X22 is here.  MasterCraft has toured through Texas showing of the X22 and its killer surf wake. Getting reactions from riders of all abilities. Specs are out and the X22 is sure to be one of the hottest surf boats at your lake and lakes all over the country. Watch the videos and see for your self.Now Available at MasterCraft Colorado
Made with the grand ambition to cut out compromise, the new X22 comes correct. At 22 feet, it’s small enough to be highly agile but with an open pickle fork bow and smart layout, there’s plenty of seating to bring a strong crew—and all of the creature comforts you expect in the X Series. With a stunning 3550 pounds of displacement and the new intelligent Switchback Ballast Tank, you can go heavy and hard or slow and low to make a wave or a wake for every skill level. Add in the optional FastFill Pumps to get the good times rolling in under four minutes. Load up 15 of your family and friends, bring the boards and get ready to set summer on fire.

Three ways to save on a new MasterCraft

Three Huge Ways To Save On A New MasterCraft
Blowout Rebates $5,000 Craft Cash NXT Special Pricing

Get Up To

$30,000* Savings

MSRP On All Remaining 2018 Boats

Now is the time to Save big on a 2018 MasterCraft. August 17th through September 30th MasterCraft is offering savings up to $30,000* on all new in-stock 2018 MasterCrafts. Come in claim your rebate today.

*Savings are based on MSRP and will be included in the final price of the boat. See a client adviso [...]

Now Available at MasterCraft Colorado! Welcome to the new wave. Born in the lab and made to get rad, this is the X24. It was designed from day one to live squarely in that sweet spot where science meets soul, the surf is better than ever and the wakes are wicked. Featuring the brand new intelligent Switchback ballast tank—the X24 truly makes better waves than anything else in the industry. It serves up cleaner, longer, sharper and bigger waves than any towboat ever before. Grab 17 of your best friends, load it up and get stoked to roll out endless legendary surf on your way to a legendary summer.

Length 24' 2"

Beam 102"


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