MasterCraft has 1 goal – make the best water sport boat possible.  In order to achieve this goal, they are constantly delivering innovations to improve your time spent on the water and they’ve been getting awarded for them. It all started in 1968. Here are just a few of MasterCraft’s many Innovations and Awards. 


MasterCraft’s new DockStar Handling System gives drivers of any ability a boost of confidence by making tight spots like docks and marinas easier to navigate.
DockStar’s breakthrough design delivers the ultimate control with a system of additional rudders that deflect prop wash beneath the boat. The result is precise steering while reversing—in both port and starboard directions.


    Drivers used to sterndrive or outboard handling will be instantly familiar with the intuitive and precise steering. Drivers used to inboard handling will be amazed at the ability to reverse port and starboard without having to compensate. New drivers will get a boost of confidence.

MasterCraft has innovated their auto launch system with Triple Tab Logic, the industry’s 1st and most effective system that uses all 3 wake shaping devices to help the boat plane within mere seconds even with extra weight and standard engine.

Ilmor makes the marine industry’s leading engines—and they’re exclusive to MasterCraft. Years in the making and new for 2017, the next generation of Ilmor power plant is redesigned and rethought from the block up to give you more of everything that matters. More efficiency, more reliability, more power, more precision, more responsiveness and more fun. Plus they use less fuel and have a simpler, smarter design.


    Alongside new wider-band oxygen sensors that optimize air-fuel ratio and fuel efficiency, the next generation gasoline direct injection Ilmor engines are the only 5-star emissions rated gasoline marine engines in the world. It’s better for the air, better for anyone behind the boat and it’s better for your wallet.

    The new GDI design uses a 100% closed cooling technology, which means the engine is more protected with fewer corrosion points, under less stress and has a longer life. There are even fewer hoses and clamps and a new easy to access solid state fuse block that is completely resettable from the dash—all designed to keep you on the water and out of the shop. Drive all the time with even more peace of mind.

    Direct injection also means the new model engines are more responsive to your throttle. Combined with smoother shifting thanks to new advanced transmission fluid and more sophisticated calibration for a punchier mid throttle—it’s a hugely improved ride.

    The direct fuel injection in the new next generation engines makes for more precise fuel use and creates more power at each size. It’s smart engineering serving up precise fuel to the engine for maximum power and virtually no waste. Direct injection, double bonus: power and progression.

    The new 5500 GDI gives you more power per liter displaced and the new 6000 GDI brings more torque to the table. We’ll bring the heat, you open the throttle and let it rip.

    New sharper looks, more power, less fuel and longer life. Add it up and a new GDI Ilmor engine means you’re going to have more fun on the water—every time out.

MasterCraft’s new XT Series launches its first boat, the XT23. Live it up and let it fly in the XT23—built to bring stoke everywhere it goes, whatever it tows. This is the all-new crossover MasterCraft for a lifestyle that knows no limits. Load it up with loved ones and bring your wakeboards, surfboards, skis and whatever else you please.


MasterCraft wins the NMMA Innovation Award for it’s newly released X23 surf-centric wave machine.


    The NMMA works in partnership with Boat Writers International to recognize manufacturers and suppliers who introduce new, innovative products to the marine industry with a direct benefit to the consumer.


MasterCraft becomes the only boat manufacturer to secure all three ISO certifications – ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 from Alliance International, LLC.


    These certifications confirm that MasterCraft, who is the only boat manufacturer in the global marine industry to achieve such prestigious certifications, has met the requirements of the ISO standard for its Quality, Environmental, and Safety management systems across production and product development operations.

    Achievement of these ISO standard(s) demonstrates a verifiable commitment to product and service quality, environmental, and safety workplace management and performance.

MasterCraft unveils the industry’s best, factory direct warranty, MasterCare  – 5 years of aft to bow coverage. Five years. No Fears. Factory Direct.


    MasterCare is complete Bow to Aft coverage. Here is our fine print.


    If a problem occurs, there are no intermediaries and no pass-off to component suppliers. Despite what our competition might tell you, this is not an insurance policy. It is completely factory backed. Issues are resolved immediately and directly through MasterCraft’s award-winning concierge service, recipient of the industry’s highest ranking for customer satisfaction.


    Our five-year coverage is the longest in the industry, and it’s fully transferable one time. The transferrable warranty adds an average of $2500 to the value of a used MasterCraft.


    The engine, the touchscreen, the ballast system, the stereo, the carpet, the prop, the seats, the instrument gauges…every single element of your boat right down to the screws is covered for five years, with two exceptions: trailer paint/corrosion and gelcoat defects. Nobody in the industry can top it.
    MasterCare protects your boat for 5 years. Others might claim this – but read the fine print and it turns out 5 years doesn’t always mean 5 years.


    “…For a period of sixty (60) months for fresh water boats and thirty-six (36) months for salt water boats…”

    “…This Limited Warranty does not provide coverage for any component part that is at any time covered by any warranty provided by any third party…including, but not limited to the manufacturer of the component part. Component parts shall include, but are not necessarily limited to, any items that are fastened to the boat through either mechanical means (screws/bolts) or chemical means (adhesives)…”

    “…note that certain items including, but not limited to, power train systems, Biminis and boat covers are among those components covered by individual, separate warranties, which are explained and set forth in materials supplied by the component part manufacturer. Any and all claims or defects should be submitted directly to the manufacturers of those particular component parts…”

    ”…This transfer is subject to a boat inspection fee and applicable fees to be determined by an authorized Malibu Boats Dealer…”


    “…Warranty is transferrable to a second owner under limited circumstances…”

    “…For years two and three, Tigé will pay for parts only…”

    “…Exclusions…swim platforms, fiberglass, nonskid pads or teak wood…items warranted by another manufacturer (engine, trailers, etc.)…”


    “…Centurion provides no independent warranty with regard to the engine and transmission; however, the owner may contact Centurion to obtain contact information for making claims or inquiries under the applicable engine manufacturer’s warranty…”


    “…For complete information, please refer to the individual policies. Exclusions and limitations apply. The Indmar program is described in separate booklets…”

    “…Exclusions: Defects in or damage caused by or relating to the engine or any part thereof… Damage caused by, related to, or resulting from failure of components or parts which are not manufactured by Skier’s Choice, including but not limited to bilge pump failure…”


MasterCraft wins coveted NMMA Innovation Award for its pioneering technology found in the ZFT 5p Tower.


    MasterCraft innovated a powered, self-raising and lowering tower, all done by the flip of a switch.


MasterCraft revolutionized wakeboarding accessories with the invention of the rotating board racks


The X Series is born with the X5


MasterCraft has the first electronic fuel injection engine which comes standard in a ski boat. The Corvette LT1 engine.


MasterCraft pioneers the swim platform to make getting in and out of the boat easier and more comfortable.

MasterCraft is the first to put mufflers on a ski boat for a quieter ride.


MasterCraft was awarded the very coveted and illustrious 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants Award, recognizing MasterCraft for their operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and a rewarding workplace.


    Because MasterCraft is so efficient in their production, they are able to reduce waste in manufacturing, keeping costs down making it possible for MasterCraft to give you the only, truly 5-year, factory backed warranty available that No other factory in the industry can offer.

MasterCraft launches its new boat in the NXT Series, the NXT22. This 22′ entry-level towboat packs a lot of punch, giving you all the power to do any sport you’d like on the water at an affordable price.

    MasterCraft launches it’s most luxurious model yet, the yacht rated X26. The largest boat in the portfolio, at 26′, the X26 offers plenty of space, superior handling and is sport capable.


    MasterCraft wins the NMMA Innovation Award for its GEN2 Surf System.

    • WHAT IS IT?

      The Gen 2 Surf System lets you tune the wave exactly the way you want it, producing FOUR DISTINCT ZONES and a custom ride for every surf style, rider size and skill level.

      The Gen 2 Surf System is more fuel efficient than Surf Gates found on other boats.  Surf gates have been proven to use up to 67% more gas which can really put a ding in your wallet.

    MasterCraft launches the NXT Series. The NXT20 is MasterCraft’s entry-level towboat category created for everyone who wanted a MasterCraft but believed it was too expensive. 100% MasterCraft, the NXT20 gives you everything you need in a sport boat.

    MasterCraft wins yet another NMMA Innovation Award. The second award for this year is for MasterCraft’s new ski boat, the ProStar, which helped Freddy Kruger achieve a new Guinness World Record for ski fly or 312 feet.


    MasterCraft unveils the ZFT 4 Tower, a user-friendly hydraulic assisted tower for easy lifting and lowering that be folded in under 25 seconds.

    MasterCraft launches the all new 23-footer, the X30.


    MasterCraft wins the NMMA Innovation Award for its pioneering technology found in the new MasterCraft X-25.

    • WHY IT WON

      The X25 won because of Surf Tabs, it’s innovative digitally adjustable wake system, tracking camera and variable seating configuration. The X25 was said to be “a unique 22-foot platform.”


    MasterCraft introduces a revolutionary new boat, the XStar. In the same year, the XStar was voted’s Rider’s Choice Wakeboard Boat of the Year holding the title 10 years in a row.


    MasterCraft creates the first adjustable driver’s seat for better comfort.


    MasterCraft is the first to use fiberglass stringers and all fiberglass structural construction for greater durability.


      Stringers are the backbone of your boat. MasterCraft’s exclusive stringer system is primary-bonded to the hull. AnchorLokTM; aluminum, steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pieces are glassed into the structure for anchoring major external hardware.

      MasterCrafts are one of the only boat companies to use a grid liner system and hand-laid fiberglass resulting in 30% stronger hulls.


    MasterCraft was born with innovation as they created the 1st Direct Drive ski boat ever made.  The were also the first to use hand-laid fiberglass and a hinged engine box for easier engine access.

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