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Regal is for every exhilarating thrill above water. See what bold styling, innovation, and competitive spirit of a true boat look like for yourself.

Leading a Legacy, Bonded by Water

Regal Boats is not as much a boat builder as it is a family who, for generations, has forged deeply loving connections with each other through boating.
Their purpose is not to merely sell a boat, but to give you and your family experiences that enrich lives and create lasting memories.
Regal provides you with more than a boat ride—it should take you to a place that, however far from land, always feels like home.


Surf Boats





Upgrade and rethink your wake with the Regal Surf. Designed to give water sports enthusiasts a ride of a lifetime – every time. Treat yourself to Regal’s exceptional luxury that allows you a smooth ride, and enjoy versatility and capability letting you experience the thrill for endless days out on the water.

LS2 Surf

LS4 Surf



The remarkable Regal 26 FasDeck is not only big on fun, but space as well. Featuring Social Seating and an UltraLounge, this boat is bound to accommodate friends and family with plenty of room to spare. If you’re looking to take weekend outings to the next level, the Regal 26 FasDeck is your ticket to the big show.

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Regal makes a boat for everyone. With a wide variety of styles, finishes, and purposes we would love to get you in the new Regal of your dreams. New to MasterCraft Colorado we will be receiving our first shipment of Regal boats soon. If you would like more information or even a demo please call our dealership at (303) 429-1895 or fill out the form to the right.

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